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Get to Know Siklu - Congestion

India Morgan
24th June 2020

Operating in Dense and Congested Areas? Here Is How Siklu Can Help You

Welcome to our third edition in the "Get To Know Siklu" series, where we have been sharing all the essential information you need to know when considering Siklu for your networking needs. Today, we're looking at how you can better deal with your congested deployments, with an off-the-shelf Siklu solution.

Interference within 5Ghz makes it very hard for clients operating city centre deployments or other very congested towers. Siklu’s range of solutions include an impressive selection of 60, 70 and 80Ghz products which are far less susceptible to interference and congestion in densely populated areas.

Below are some key points on how a Siklu solution can help to address your congestion issues:

  • Extremely low congestion issues in the 70/80GHz band with TDD or DFF support, meaning reliable connectivity even in dense urban areas.
  • Up to 10GHz of available spectrum in the 70/80GHz bands and up to 32 non-overlapping, user-selectable channels yield the industry’s highest spectrum re-use factor.
  • Built-in sub-6GHz failover to protect uptime during heavy rain.

For more information on Siklu and how you can address your congestion issues, please get in touch with our friendly sales team on [email protected] who will be able to discuss a suitable Siklu solution to suit your requirements.