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Mimosa and MS Distribution at The National Museum of Computing

Craig Cowley
28th February 2019

On Tuesday 19th February Mimosa and MS Distribution took a trip to The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park to introduce Mimosa’s new C5x and N5-x Twist-On Antenna and to provide an update on Mimosa’s recent acquisition by Airspan and the improvements they’ve been making across the board in hardware, software and support. Attendees arrived from across the spectrum of wireless users, including WISPs, IT Consultants and Public Services.

Introducing Airspan

Andrew Westerman, Mimosa’s Director of Channel Sales for EMEA, kicked off the day with an introduction to Airspan. With over 20 years’ experience, Airspan currently employs 850 people across the world focused on providing a complete solution for 4G and 5G connectivity, and Mimosa fits in perfectly with their current range of LTE Small Cell and Backhaul products. The acquisition will enable Mimosa to take advantage of Airspan’s global resources as well as all the knowledge and experience gained from their 20 years of providing wireless solutions.

Presentation slide displaying Airspan's history and capabilities
An introduction to Airspan.

The Mimosa Range

Next up was Ian Maynard, EMEA Sales Engineer. Ian talked us all through the Mimosa product range with a handy “A,B, Cs of Mimosa”. As we talked through the range, one thing was very clear, Mimosa has a renewed and passionate commitment to quality. With the introduction of a range of improved quality controls across the board, Mimosa are commited to ensuring every product they ship is robust, reliable, and performs to specification and customer expectations. For more information on the Mimosa product range, we held an Introduction to Mimosa Webinar which you can view below.

Mimosa Webinar - Introduction to Mimosa's Award Winning Products

Then we got on to the star of the day, the new C5x and N5-x Twist-On Antenna. The C5x is an integrated radio with throughput up to 700Mbps. The C5x is also entirely modular, with their twist-on N5-X antennas, installers can select whichever dish is best suited for the task at hand. As we heard from customers in the room, this is ideal for temporary installations where antenna gain requirement can change from job-to-job, and for WISPs who can keep stock of C5x radios and N5-X antenna and mix-and-match on-the-go. These little radios are robust too, Ian’s demonstration radio has been showing off its capabilities all over the world and still twists its antennas on and off as if it was brand new!

Software and Applications

After a brief break for lunch, Ian gave us a tour of Mimosa’s Software, including their Link Planner and Cloud Management tools. Feeling brave, Ian minimised his presentation and gave us a live demo of the link planner, mocking up a Point-to-MulitiPoint network of A5c and C5x radios over the Bletchley Park estate. We go a great view of everywhere the A5c could reach with various antenna (including 3D topology!), and full details of the links expected performance.

Mimosa's link planner in action
Mimosa's Link Planner in action.

We then looked at a live network in the Cloud Management platform. High-level views allowed us to quickly understand how the network was performing. Detailed views gave us all the required information in an easy to read format, all the way from backhaul links with the B5s right to the end client’s devices with the G2.

Presentation slide displaying Mimosa's cloud management platform capabilities
Mimosa's Cloud Management Platform.

A Brief Walk Through Computing History

To wrap up the day we organised a tour of the museum. The walk through computing history included a working rebuild of the first electronic computer, Colossus, a working reconstruction on Alan Turing’s Bombe as well as a vast collection of personal computers dating back to the 70s. We hope that everyone that attended found the day informative and useful and left with a healthy dose of nostalgia! If you were not able to make it, you can still download and read through the slides.

Download Slides.

World famous working rebuild of Colossus, the first electronic computer at The National Museum of Computing
World famous working rebuild of Colossus, the first electronic computer at The National Museum of Computing.

If you would like to learn more about Mimosa and their products, please head over to the Mimosa category or feel free to get in touch with our sales team.