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New RADWIN Jet Duo 5GHz: Ultra Capacity Basestation

India Morgan
12th November 2020

New RADWIN Jet Duo 5GHz: Ultra Capacity

We are excited to announce that new RADWIN Jet Duo 5GHz, a 1.5Gbps dual carrier base station with beamforming antenna, is available to order now. Delivering unmatched reliability in harsh unlicensed spectrum, Jet Duo 5 GHz is the ideal solution for dense areas that demand ultra-high capacity.

JET DUO 5GHz - Unmatched Service Reliability

JET DUO 5GHz is a dual carrier base station that encapsulates independent beamforming antennas per each individual carrier to provide up to 1.5Gbps. A dual carrier beamforming base station allows for maximum interference immunity to extract highest available capacity while securing minimal tower space and cost.

By supporting dual carriers in a single compact unit, JET DUO 5 GHz eliminates the costs associated with the deployment of multiple single-carrier base stations. A dual-carrier outdoor base station reduces:

  • Tower space and rental costs
  • Cabling (single fibre cable)
  • Traffic aggregator data ports

Other Key Benefits of The New Jet Duo 5GHz Include:

  • Up to QAM 256, 2 x 10 / 20 / 40 / 80MHz
  • Support up to 128 customers
  • WAN Interfaces: Fiber (SFP) and GbE
  • Backward compatible with RADWIN Subscriber Unit install base
  • Network synchronization via built-in GPS
  • Supports FCC 5.1 -5.8 GHz and IC 5.4-5.8GHz, including the DFS bands
  • Available in the ETSI regulation and supports the full 5.4 – 5.8 GHz band.

What JET DUO 5GHz Can Do For You?

With unmatched service reliability, RADWIN Jet Duo 5GHz provide fast, stable and safe connectivity for dense areas that demand ultra-high capacity. This makes the Jet Duo 5GHz ideal as backhaul for WiFi access points, residential broadband for triple play services, fibre-like access for enterprises and more.


The launch of the NEW RADWIN Jet Duo 5GHz provides the ability to achieve greater bandwidth capacity you need with next-generation advancements, paving the way for even better performance connectivity. For more information on the product, please contact our friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1295 220 330 or [email protected].