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Introducing Outland: TV Whitespace by RADWIN Webinar Summary

India Morgan
29th April 2021

Introducing Outland: TV Whitespace by RADWIN Webinar Summary

RADWIN and MS Distribution recently hosted an introductory webinar to RADWIN Outland, a TVWS solution. Co-hosted by MS Distribution’s Managing Director, Ian Bushrod and the RADWIN team, it was an exciting introduction into what the brand new RADWIN TV Whitespace (TVWS) solution will be able to offer.

The webinar began with introductions and a warm welcome to attendees by the MS Distribution and RADWIN teams, and then quickly moved into the exciting new TVWS solution in more detail:

Introducing RADWIN Outland

TVWS, a part of the UHF spectrum, is the ultimate frequency band for eliminating the digital divide in rural areas where wireline and high frequency solutions remain unaffordable and unattainable. Using TVWS service providers can expand their network footprint beyond the existing infrastructure to grow their customer base and, subsequently, service revenues. Rural communities will be able to tap into value-added broadband services to significantly improve their lifestyle and increase productivity by accessing many online services such as healthcare, education, commercial, entertainment and more – which have before been unattainable.

What Makes RADWIN Outland Different

  • Industry-first integrated set of TVWS propagation, spectrum survey and site feasibility tools and methodology to allow you to determine TVWS site
  • Dual carrier base station radio, 2x the TVWS sector capacity and usable channel flexibility
  • Compact, all in one Subscriber Unit Radio, no need for unsightly external antennas
  • Works in tough NLOS and highly interfered spectrum

Predicted TVWS Performance

During the webinar TVWS performance challenges were discussed with attendees including spectrum scarcity being the main issue. The RADWIN WinPlan tool has been validated to provide accurate performance estimates and analysis of channels based on spectrum scans though, directly addressing this challenge. The recommendation during the webinar was that a minimum of two consecutive interference free channels would be required to qualify a tower location for TVWS.

RADWIN Outland Equipment

Following the discussion surrounding the spectrum challenges, the team introduced the new Outland equipment:

Base Station

The RADWIN Outland base station is an IP67 compliant device offering up to 300Mbps net aggregated throughput and connectivity for up to 64 Subscriber Units. The device includes a built-in GPS and connectors for an external MIMO sector antenna.

The base station ships as a single carrier device but will be upgraded to a dual carrier device in a future software release. Each carrier will be able to bond up to 3 contiguous TVWS channels over 0.6GHz.

Subscriber Unit

RADWIN’s Outland Subscriber Unit is an integrated subscriber unit that delivers up to 150 Mbps net aggregate throughput and supports SLA (CIR) or Best-Effort service level. The Subscriber Unit transmits over single carrier, bonding up to 3 contiguous TVWS channels over 0.6 GHz. The unit includes an integrated 8dBi flat MIMO antenna as well as built-in GPS.

RADWIN Outland Deployment

Next up was the popular topic of deployment, and during the webinar MS Distribution and RADWIN explained in detail the intricacies of deploying Outland. Pre-deployment qualification of technical feasibility and business case viability is mandatory to ensure focus and increase probability of success. Despite it being a simple process, it does involve investment from the customer to complete but offer a lot of value on both sides to ensure that TVWS is the right solution for you.

To conclude what was a highly successful and informative webinar, Ian and RADWIN ran a question and answer session and discussed everything from the value proposition of Outland to the types of environment that the solution is best suited to. If you would like to ask any questions regarding the webinar or the solution itself, then please use the contact details provided below.

Please note RADWIN Outland can only be sold directly by our sales team and must be trialled before deploying fully. For more information on the new range, please contact our friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1295 220 330 or [email protected].