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Siklu Terragraph Infographic

Zeynep Findik
18th June 2021

Building the Future of Wireless Connectivity with TERRAGRAPH | Infographic

Make sure you read our latest infographic, “Building the Future of Wireless Connectivity with TERRAGRAPH”, and find out the benefits of investing in Terragraph solution where you can deliver fibre-like connectivity to customers at a fraction of the cost of fibre.

(Download a full-sized copy by clicking this link or the above image.)

Connectivity is More Vital Than Ever

In the early days of 2020, few could foresee that a once-in-a-century pandemic would make the Internet more vital than ever. Unprecedented numbers of people have relied on the Internet to access information, social support, and educational and work opportunities.

Access to high-speed broadband connectivity is limited by poor last mile connections across the globe. Fibre to home is also cost-prohibitive and slow to deploy for various reasons. That’s where the Terragraph comes in.

Terragraph is a technology that operates on 60 GHz unlicensed band delivering fibre-like speeds. Terragraph can be a better alternative to provide connectivity at a significantly lower cost. It is also much faster to deploy and can be brought to market in a matter of weeks.

As a value-add distributor with a direct relationship with industry leaders, we offer expert wireless and networking advice, services and support designed to meet the needs of your business and the budget of your projects. The MS Distribution team of industry experts take the time to understand your business so that you are provided with the right products without compromising on quality.

Terragraph Solutions

Siklu MultiHaul TG 360° Node 3,800Mbps (Mounting Kit Included)

Siklu MultiHaul TG 360° Node 3,800Mbps (Mounting Kit Included)

360-Degree Coverage in One Unit Siklu’s MultiHaul TG Nodes mark the 3rd generation of devices in Siklu’s 60GHz Point-to-MultiPoint portfolio. The TG Node N366 operates…

Siklu MultiHaul TG LR PtP Terminal Unit (1Gbps FD)

Siklu MultiHaul TG LR PtP Terminal Unit (1Gbps FD)

Siklu's T280 is a long-range Terminal Unit (TU) that operates not only as a TU in a Terragraph PtMP configuration, but can also be used in a PtP mode with a second T280 unit. The T280…

To find out more about TERRAGRAPH, contact a member of our team today on +44 (0) 1295 266 277 or email [email protected], or alternatively you can take a look at our >TERRAGRAPH solution page.