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Siklu "This is Terragraph" Infographic

19th January 2023

Discover how Terragraph is building the future of wireless technology

Don't miss our latest infographic, "This Is Terragraph" where we highlight Terragraph's performance, benefits, and most suitable use cases, all in one handy place.

(Download a full-sized copy by clicking this link or the above image.)

High speed and dependable internet access is critical to the digital economy since new applications in education, medicine, transportation, and entertainment rely on it. Last mile connectivity is one of the most difficult challenges in delivering broadband connectivity. More than a billion people still rely on antiquated, non-scalable infrastructure to connect to the internet.

Terragraph utilizes the existing IEEE 802.11ad standard to create a more dense, reliable, scalable, and easily deployable 60GHz network. Terragraph's distinctive contributions and enhancements have been standardised and are now included in the IEEE 802.11ay standard.

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Terragraph Solutions

Siklu MultiHaul TG N367 360° Node 3,800Mbps (Mounting Kit Included)

Siklu MultiHaul TG N367 360° Node 3,800Mbps (Mounting Kit Included)

The MultiHaul™ TG system marks the release of Siklu’s 3rd generation point to multipoint 60GHz products, with Terragraph certification. The solution consists of Nodes…

To find out more about TERRAGRAPH, contact a member of our team today on +44 (0) 1295 266 277 or email [email protected], or alternatively you can take a look at our TERRAGRAPH solution page.