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Taking You Further With Siklu Edition 4: MultiHaul Series

28th April 2023

Siklu │ MultiHaul Series

Welcome to the latest edition of the brand-new series "Taking you further with Siklu", providing you with all the information you need when considering Siklu for your networking requirements.

In this fourth edition, we share key information on the Siklu MultiHaul Series, showing you how this range can best be utilised.

Product Spotlight: MultiHaul Series

Siklu MultiHaul B100 500Mbps (Upgradeable to 1800Mbps) Base Unit

Siklu MultiHaul B100 500Mbps (Upgradeable to 1800Mbps) Base Unit

Siklu’s MultiHaul Base Unit radios operate over the millimeter wave spectrum using narrow beams. This confers several advantages including complete immunity to…

Siklu MultiHaul Compact Terminal Unit

Siklu MultiHaul Compact Terminal Unit

Siklu's the ultra small compact TU (cTU) brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of available…


Key Benefits of the MultiHaul Series Include:

    - Secure and physically immune narrow beams

    - Fast installation and acquisition

    - Fibre quality with wireless flexibility

    - An ocean spectrum

    - Large scale planning and optimisation

These benefits make the MuliHaul Series ideal for the emerging 5G Gigabit Wireless Access (GWA) market such as Enterprise, Smart Cities and Residential Customers..

To find out more about the MultiHaul Series, or to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements, simply click below to get in touch with our friendly team: