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Taking You Further With Siklu Edition 5: MultiHaul TG Series

10th May 2023

Siklu │ MultiHaul Terragraph Series

Welcome to edition five of our new series, "Taking you further with Siklu". If you are considering Siklu for your network, this series covers everything you need to know.

In this edition, we share key information on the SiIklu MultiHaul TG Series, showing you how this range can best be utilised.

Product Spotlight: MultiHaul TG Series

Siklu MultiHaul TG N367 360° Node 3,800Mbps (Mounting Kit Included)

Siklu MultiHaul TG N367 360° Node 3,800Mbps (Mounting Kit Included)

The MultiHaul™ TG system marks the release of Siklu’s 3rd generation point to multipoint 60GHz products, with Terragraph certification. The solution consists of Nodes…

Siklu MultiHaul TG LR PtP Terminal Unit (1Gbps FD)

Siklu MultiHaul TG LR PtP Terminal Unit (1Gbps FD)

Siklu's T280 is a long-range Terminal Unit (TU) that operates not only as a TU in a Terragraph PtMP configuration, but can also be used in a PtP mode with a second T280 unit. The T280…


Key Benefits of the MultiHaul TG Series Include:

    - Scalable for deployments across neighbourhoods and business environments

    - A choice of coverage between 360-degree from the N367 mesh node and 90-degree from the N265

    - 3.8Gbps per sector (future 5.5Gbps), 4 sectors per N367

    - Fiber Quality with Wireless Flexibility

    - Highly Secure

    - Always-on Mission Critical Networks

    - Suitable for a wide range of applications

With the MultiHaul™ TG series, Siklu is lowering the cost of delivering Gigabit wireless access services to homes, businesses and within Smart Cities Broadband IoT applications..

To find out more about the MultiHaul Terragraph Series, or to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements, simply click below to get in touch with our friendly team: