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Teltonika and the IoT

India Morgan
21st November 2019

Teltonika are a leading manufacturer of IoT devices with 21 years of field experience. With over 9 Million devices already deployed, Teltonika offers an excellent choice of networking products designed to make your connectivity reliable, secure and quick to deploy.

Right now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading digital transformation by enabling everyday objects and systems to communicate and share invaluable data, that will enhance the way we live and work. From Home and Transport to Health, Buildings and Cities, we are now able to control critical applications in a much more intuitive way using the IoT.

Below we look at two key Teltonika devices and how they are used amongst the IoT along with Teltonika’s impressive Remote Management System:

Teltonika RUTX09 LTE Cat6 Router

Teltonika RUTX09 LTE Cat6 Router

Some features of this device will be made available in future firmware. Please refer to this table for an up-to-date list of available and upcoming features. Dual SIM LTE Cat6…

The new, next-generation RUTX09 is an LTE-A CAT6 cellular IoT router equipped with Dual-SIM aggregation and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Its rugged exterior and multiple secure VPN services make it a powerful choice, with plenty of processing power for custom applications. With a steady connection and high data throughput abilities, the RUTXO9 makes a fantastic surveillance connectivity solution in particular, allowing you to provide remote access to your surveillance system via VPN, RMS or public IP.

Teltonika RUT955 Dual SIM LTE Router with WiFi and GPS

Teltonika RUT955 Dual SIM LTE Router with WiFi and GPS

This is the Teltonika RUT955 Kit which includes GPS, LTE and WiFi Antennas Teltonika RUT955 - I/O Connectivity, performance and failover Teltonika's RUT955 is highly reliable…

The RUT955 is a high-performance, secure LTE router that provides mission-critical cellular communication and GPS location capabilities. It is also equipped with connectivity redundancy through dual SIM failover to ensure reliability. External antenna connectors allow you to attach desired antennas to find the greatest signal location easily. The RUT955 has been successfully implemented in a range of IoT scenarios from traffic light monitoring to construction site security and providing WiFi access within public transportation.

teltonika rms

Teltonika RMS Functionality

If configuring or managing your remote devices seems like a headache, then you can opt to use Teltonika’s Remote Management System, also known as “RMS”. It has been designed to provide an easy-to-use solution for managing multiple Teltonika devices from a single platform. The RMS system allows you to securely gather information regarding your devices, as well as enabling you to make changes to their configurations, giving you maximum control over your network.

Recently, Teltonika announced new updates to the functionality of RMS including WiFi management, enhanced RMS access, License to Credit, and Tag Information Charts. For more information, please visit this link: Teltonika RMS Updates

Teltonika solutions provide the ability to help you build a solid networking foundation with next-generation advancements, paving the way for even better performance connectivity for your IoT projects. For more information on Teltonika products, contact our friendly sales team on +44 (0) 1295 220 330