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Using Teltonika 4G LTE Routers for Rapid Site Connectivity

India Morgan
2nd April 2019

Introducing Rapid Site Connectivity using 4G LTE

Also known as pop-up and day one connectivity, rapid site is the ideal solution to establish a quick connection. Many businesses still rely heavily on fixed line solutions as their primary form of connectivity, but this can take a long time to install, or in some cases isn’t a viable option at all. Recognising the importance of quick-to-install and reliable connectivity, a 4G LTE solution can get new or temporary sites connected within days instead of weeks or months.

4G LTE Rapid Site Connectivity Use Cases


Using Teltonika 4G LTE for construction

Fixed line solutions can rarely be installed in time to meet site start dates, resulting in lost productivity where workers cannot access central systems. Construction businesses no longer need to wait for traditional fixed line services though, as 4G LTE solutions enable reliable connectivity that can power on-site requirements from day one. Once the fixed line is installed the 4G LTE solution can either be re-purposed for another site or used as a failover solution – increasing its value.

Retail Pop-Up

Using Teltonika 4G LTE for retail pop up

With an increasing need for pop-up or temporary locations, retail and hospitality industries can benefit from instant, reliable and secure connectivity via 4G LTE networks to connect them wherever their business goes – whether their latest pop-up location is in the town centre or on a rooftop. Ensuring connectivity, regardless of location, for retailers and hospitality companies means being able to deliver a consistent level of service to customers by connecting applications such as point of sale and digital signage.

Critical Response

Using Teltonika 4G LTE for critical response

When every second counts, emergency service teams need to establish a temporary site to deal with an incident very quickly and without notice – so a fixed line isn’t an option. 4G LTE solutions can connect teams in the field to the information they need to assist with incident site duties. In addition, on-site connectivity can simplify collaboration between office-based teams and field personnel, as well as inter-service communications.


Using Teltonika 4G LTE for events

Whether it be an exhibition stand or outdoor event, a 4G LTE solution can deliver fast and reliable connectivity that can be quickly and easily moved to a new location as and when it’s required – providing the utmost flexibility to ensure the success of live events.

More and more organisations need fast, reliable and secure connectivity in new or temporary locations, making 4G LTE rapid site connectivity the ideal solution to efficiently connect businesses from day one wherever they are. 4G LTE solutions from Teltonika can deliver just this, plus they are also cloud managed, meaning central teams can monitor, troubleshoot and configure the network devices remotely for increased reliability and performance.

To discuss your rapid site requirements, please contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1295 220 330 or purchase your Teltonika solution online today.