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Westbase Group Acquires Equity Share in Wireless Coverage

India Morgan
19th July 2021

Westbase Group Acquires Equity Share in Wireless Coverage, Bringing the Most Efficient and Reliable Network Planning to its Customers

The Westbase Group has acquired a 51% share of Wireless Coverage Ltd, the company behind advanced wireless modelling system, WISDM. The investment brings next generation wireless network planning to the Group’s solution range and customers.

Wireless Coverage’s ground-breaking WISDM platform supports fixed wireless access (FWA) and 5G network modelling. WISDM uses state-of-the-art hardware and software methods to break performance boundaries encountered by traditional planning tools, enabling real-time, high definition visualisation of radio access networks.

Network providers and operators can therefore plan the exact right equipment in the exact right location to meet their coverage objectives first time. Ultimately, this delivers the most efficient and reliable networks possible, while enabling speedy planning changes when alterations have to be made.

“Wireless Coverage provide network operators with a tool set that takes away the guesswork that can be involved in planning wireless networks,” said Sacha Kakad, Managing Director of the Westbase Group. “Bringing the WISDM platform and the team’s expertise into Group expands our wireless services portfolio. For our Fixed Wireless Access and 5G partners we can now support their entire project lifecycle, from class-leading network planning and design, to delivering hardware and ongoing network support.”

Westbase Group’s investment in Wireless Coverage will be used to extend WISDM’s development, driving its technology-led performance advantage further. It also opens new commercial opportunities:

“With the reach of the Westbase Group we can bring WISDM to Mobile Network Operators and enterprise private cellular projects anywhere in the world. Our software unlocks so many opportunities for these businesses, especially when coupled with the wider Group products and services. We are incredibly excited to take a leading role in this," said David Burns, Managing Director of Wireless Coverage and Chairman of the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA).

Already in use with prominent network organisations such as Quickline, Voneus and Wildanet, the WISDM platform is market tested and trusted:

“Quickline's high-performance 5G and FWA network which runs from coast to coast across the north of England needs rapid planning and deployment. WISDM has become essential to us delivering real-time network design, allowing us to expand our networks as quickly as our customers demand. Wireless Coverage becoming a part of the Westbase Group is great news. We can now source all of our network requirements through a single relationship with partners who we’ve worked with separately for some time,” said Steve Jagger, Founder of Quickline Communications.

“MS Distribution has worked alongside Wireless Coverage for some time now, as we have multiple customers in common and regularly work on the same projects. I’m thrilled to now see this relationship formalised and look forward to being better able to assist our WISP and other operator customers,” added Ian Bushrod, Managing Director at MS Distribution.

“Wireless Coverage is a great fit for the Westbase Group, and the benefit of this to customers on both sides is clear. Wireless Coverage’s focus on excellence and customer support resonates with that of the Group and its existing companies,” finished Sacha.

MS Distribution is part of the Westbase Group, specialising in fixed wireless access and networking solutions. For more information about the Group or Wireless Coverage please visit the Westbase Group Website.

If you would like to know more about WISDM then please contact us on [email protected], or call + 44 (0)1295 220 330.