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Leading Edge

Leading Edge

UK-based manufacturer Leading Edge is a specialist in the design and development of wind, solar, and off-grid power solutions. Their products have been deployed in a number of battery charging applications, including radio communications, meteorology, telemetry, environmental monitoring, security cameras, rural broadband and offshore instrumentation. They also offer ideal solutions for off-grid homes.

As with any renewable energy system, the best solution is the one tailor-made to suit your needs. Contact us with your requirements and we will work with you to determine the best Leading Edge solution for your needs.

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Wind Power

Leading Edge LE-300

Perfect for a wind or basic hybrid system, Leading Edge's LE-300 Wind Turbine is a robust and reliable turbine available in 12V/24V/48V variants. The LE-300 is precision engineered in the UK with only two moving parts so little maintenance is required during the turbine’s long operating life. The LE-300 survives high winds by means of a simple passive aerodynamic design that limits turbine RPM and power output at a certain threshold.

The LE-300 wind turbine is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys and stainless steel which has been laser processed, CNC machined, hard anodized and powder coated to ensure that the turbine will withstand the harsh effects of the extreme environments. The various fixings are manufactured from A4 stainless steel that can survive the harshest of environments. The bearings are sealed for life and fully lubricated, so no greasing or maintenance is required. The turbine can be mounted on a standard scaffold pole (48-50mm outer diameter).

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Solar Power

Leading Edge Solar

Leading Edge's efficient solar cells (21.5%) ensure that their monocrystalline solar panels are 30-50% smaller than cheaper models and are far less affected by changes in ambient temperature and sunlight intensity. The solar cells are uniquely connected together at the back, increasing the visible surface area of the solar cells and improving the look of the front side by eliminating the visibility of silver wires. In addition, a unique backing material reflects unused light back into the solar cell, increasing energy production even further, while extra thick front glass and a superior panel frame result in a robust, durable solar panel.