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MikroTik mUPS Smart PoE Injector

MikroTik mUPS Smart PoE Injector (12v battery rollover, step up converter, charge and monitor power)

MikroTik mUPS Smart PoE Injector
MikroTik mUPS Smart PoE InjectorMikroTik mUPS Smart PoE Injector
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Product Details

The MikroTik mUPS is a smart Power over Ethernet injector with built-in battery backup. In normal operation the mUPS will operate as a Gigabit PoE injector, but if power is lost it will automatically and transparently switch to its built-in 12v battery without rebooting the connected device, even if it's running at 28v.

The MikroTik mUPS Smart PoE Injector also features a DC input terminal, for connecting to any external 12v battery including AGM, Gel, Lead Acid or even a regular 12v car battery. This makes the mUPS ideal for powering devices where reliable power is not available. Remote installations powered by alternative power supplies, such as wind and solar, can benefit from increased reliability with automatic failover from the mUPS providing vital redundancy.

Package Contents

  • 2x Cable Tie
  • 1x Screw Kit
  • 1x mUPS
  • 1x Battery DC Wire
  • 1x Mount Bracket
  • 1x PoE Injector (Requires DC PSU)

Product Specifications


Short Detection Time 50 us
Measurement Recovery Time 45 ms
After Short Recovery Time 1 s
Short Protection Delay 20 ms

Power Input

PoE Max 28 V
PoE Min 12 V
DC Max 28 V
DC Connector Dc Terminal Block
DC Min 12 V

Power Output

Current Max 1000 A
PoE Min 12 V
PoE Max 24 V


Ubiquiti 24v 500mA Gigabit PoE Injector

Ubiquiti 24v 500mA Gigabit PoE Injector

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