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MikroTik LDF LTE6 Kit

MikroTik LDF LTE6 Kit

MikroTik LDF LTE6 Kit
MikroTik LDF LTE6 Kit
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MikroTik's LDF LTE6 kit is a device for extremely remote locations that are within cellular network coverage. Attach it to any satellite TV dish (NOT included) and the dish will act as a reflector, greatly amplifying the signal. Using large enough dishes, it is possible to obtain antenna amplification of 30 dBi or more. This allows for internet connectivity even in areas, where you would usually have no mobile connectivity at all. The LDF LTE6 can even be deployed in harsh environments as it has a solid IP68 rating, meaning it can withstand dust, dirt and sand, as well as temporary immersion in water.

The LDF LTE6 kit features a CAT6 LTE modem, which enables carrier aggregation and allows the device to use multiple bands at the same time. A huge advantage when there are a lot of LTE users in the area. It provides better responsiveness and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the countryside.

The quoted wireless specification is given as the maximum radio performance. Achievable range and throughput will vary depending on the regional regulations where the radio is deployed.
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