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Mimosa N5-360 5GHz 360 Beamforming Antenna

Mimosa N5-360 5GHz 360 Beamforming Antenna

Mimosa N5-360 5GHz 360 Beamforming Antenna
Mimosa N5-360 5GHz 360 Beamforming Antenna
Mimosa Networks
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Mimosa Networks

Product Details

Mimosa N5-360 is a 4-stream, beamforming, 360º antenna specifically designed for Mimosa’s A5c access point. The N5-360 antenna’s unique design incorporates quad-180º overlapping antenna polarizations, extending the range of Mimosa MicroPoP deployments with 3 dB of beamforming gain. The N5-360 boosts throughput by providing balanced dual-stream coverage over 360º of azimuth. Without sacrificing performance, the N5-360 operates over a wide frequency range, from 4.9 to 6.4 GHz, supporting licensed public safety bands and other expanded frequencies, where permitted by region.

Thanks to its 4-stream, beamforming antenna, the N5-360 from Mimosa ensures that there are 2 equal MCS streams per client and minimises the amount of interference compared with conventional omni antenna.

Acting as an enhanced version of the Mimosa A5 Access Point, the 15dBi N5-360 combined with Mimosa's A5c radio, offers higher performance at longer range (500m vs 300m).

Package Contents

  • 1x N5-360 Antenna
  • 4x Coax Cables
  • 1x Metal Ring

Product Features

  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Beamforming Technology
  • Optimised 360º Performance

Product Specifications


Port to Port Isolation >25 dB
Antenna Type Quad-Sector
Polarisation Directions V+H
Electrical Down Tilt 2 °
Gain 15 dBi
Chain Type 4x4
Connector N-Type Female
Cross Polarisation >40 dB


Pole Diameter Max 57 mm
Weight 1110 g
Colour White
Mounting Pole
Dimensions 492;80 mm


Wind Survial 200 Km‾h
Wind Loading 160 N @ Km‾h
Operating Humidity Max 100 % RH
Operating Temperature 55 to -40 °c


Outdoor Rating IP67


RoHS Yes

Polar Diagrams

MI-N5-360 Polar Diagram

These polar diagrams are a guideline only. For detailed polar diagrams please refer to official manufacturer datasheets.