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Mimosa B11 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle

Mimosa B11 + C5c LINK UP Promotion Bundle

Mimosa B11 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle
Mimosa B11 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle
Mimosa Networks
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Mimosa B11 11GHz Backhaul PtP Radios - Pair

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Mimosa Networks

Product Details

This Mimosa LINK UP promotion bundle features 2x B11 point-to-point backhaul radios and 2x C5c PTP/PTMP radios.


Mimosa's B11 backhaul radio is the ideal choice for fibre to wireless deployments. The radio boasts a single SFP port (module not included) for Gigabit fibre connectivity, though for deployments where fibre is not yet available, data can be inputted through the radio's Gigabit PoE ethernet port.

The B11 offers total PHY throughput of up to 1.5Gbps and has a latency of less than 1ms. Its built-in GPS Sync technology also allows for easy spectrum reuse at the deployment site. With its IP67 rating, the B11 is suitable for deployment in even the harshest natural environments.


The Mimosa C5c is a connectorised client radio with PtP Backhaul and PtMP Client modes that has been designed for urban and suburban deployments. The device offers throughput of up to 500+ Mbps (IP) and 866 Mbps (PHY) and comes equipped with 2x2:2 MIMO.

The C5c can be connected to virtually any dual polarization antenna to custom-engineer longer distance client links. The C5c supports 2x2:2 MIMO dual connector RP-SMA for easy cabled antenna connectivity and can be mounted to any pole via hose clamps, or easily clipped onto antenna supporting compatible clip-on mounting bracket systems.

The quoted wireless specification is given as the maximum radio performance. Achievable range and throughput will vary depending on the regional regulations where the radio is deployed.
Regional regulations must be observed when deploying radio equipment. More info