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Mimosa B24 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle

Mimosa B24 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle

Mimosa B24 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle
Mimosa B24 + C5c (PoE) LINK UP Promotion Bundle
Mimosa Networks
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Mimosa Networks

Product Details

This Mimosa LINK UP promotion bundle features 4x B24 point-to-point backhaul radios and 2x C5c PTP/PTMP radios.


Delivering nearly a Gigabit of low latency IP traffic in a single direction, the Mimosa B24 is the industry’s price performance leader in unlicensed 24 GHz backhaul. Designed from the ground-up using reliable, high volume components, the B24 achieves incredible performance at a disruptive price that fits the economics of broadband providers and enterprises in suburban and urban markets. Suitable for a range of applications, including but not limited to, fixed wireless backhaul, smart city connectivity, campus building connections, and business/MDU rooftop connections, the B24 offers a versatile solution to meet high demands.

To meet modern internet traffic needs where nearly 90% of the peak evening traffic demand can be in the download direction, the B24 dynamically adapts to changing demands using Auto-TDMA technology. Its integrated GPS sync technology allows you to deploy and co-locate up to 8 B24s Low-latency Gigabit throughput can be directed either upstream or downstream as needed to maximize spectrum utilization throughout the day. Legacy FDD radios are limited to symmetric traffic usage, leaving vast amounts of spectrum constantly underutilized.

We would recommend deploying the link at distances of 50m to 800m for optimal performance, though they can handle distances of up to 1.8km.

Within the UK 24GHz devices can only operate between 24.15-24.25 GHz.


The Mimosa C5c is a connectorised client radio with PtP Backhaul and PtMP Client modes that has been designed for urban and suburban deployments. The device offers throughput of up to 500+ Mbps (IP) and 866 Mbps (PHY) and comes equipped with 2x2:2 MIMO.

The C5c can be connected to virtually any dual polarization antenna to custom-engineer longer distance client links. The C5c supports 2x2:2 MIMO dual connector RP-SMA for easy cabled antenna connectivity and can be mounted to any pole via hose clamps, or easily clipped onto antenna supporting compatible clip-on mounting bracket systems.

The quoted wireless specification is given as the maximum radio performance. Achievable range and throughput will vary depending on the regional regulations where the radio is deployed.
Regional regulations must be observed when deploying radio equipment. More info