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PC Engines ALIX 2E13 256MB System Board

PC Engines ALIX 2E13 256MB System Board

PC Engines ALIX 2E13 256MB System Board
PC Engines ALIX 2E13 256MB System Board
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Product Details

The PC Engines ALIX 2E13 is a Mini-ATX (152 x 152mm) system board with a very large range of possible applications including wireless routers, firewalls, industrial user interface or bespoke network devices.

This is the 3 LAN version of the PC Engines 2. series, also available is the 2 LAN variant, The PC Engines ALIX 2D2.

The ALIX 2D13 has 256MB of DDR RAM and a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 allowing for a full range of 32bit x86 applications. The innovative architecture of the LX800 provides one of the most energy-efficient x86 solutions in the industry; this, in combination with the on-board DC-DC converter, removes the need for a bulky ATX-style PSU resulting in a powerful system board with a very small footprint. Alternatively the PC Engines ALIX 2E13 can be powered using passive PoE on LAN 1.

Also on board the PC Engines ALIX 2E13 is a CompactFlash port and a 44 pin IDE port. This allows a wide range of operating systems to be installed on the ALIX 2D1.

Product Features

  • RTC Battery
  • 256MB DDR RAM
  • 500MHz AMD Geode LX800

Product Specifications


Operating System User defined
Extras Push button
LEDs front panel
Storage Type CompactFlash (not included)
Storage User defined MB


Ethernet Housing Material Metal
10/100 PoE In 1
Serial Ports DB9 RS232C Asynchronous Serial Port
10/100 2
Expansion LPC bus and miniPCI

Power Input

PoE Max 20 V
PoE Min 7 V
DC Min 7 V
PoE Port 1
DC Connector DC Jack
  DC Jack
DC Max 20 V


Dimensions 153 x 153 mm


Operating Temperature Max 50 °c


Certifications CE and FCC
Standards EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3 (2005)


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