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PC Engines ALIX PoE injector

PC Engines ALIX PoE injector

PC Engines ALIX PoE injector
PC Engines ALIX PoE injector
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This item has been replaced by
MikroTik Passive Gigabit POE Injector

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Product Details

Power over Ethernet (POE) injector combines d.c. power supply with LAN data and injects it into the 4 unused cores of the ethernet cable which are not carrying data. If used with WRAP boards, or other boards whose ethernet connector is designed to collect power off the unused cores, the other end of the Ethernet cable can be plugged straight into the connector.

In other cases a second POE injector can be used at the other end of the ethernet cable to separate dc power and data, enabling these inexpensive units to be used as POE for many different devices.

The injector has a socket for d.c. in and two RG45 sockets - POE and data. The Data socket connects via Ethernet cable to a PC or the LAN. The POE socket connects via ethernet cable to the remote device and injects the dc supply onto the 4 cores not used for data in the ethernet cable. -ve is injected onto lines 7 & 8, +ve onto lines 4 and 5.

Because there is a voltage drop over ethernet cable - the longer the cable the more the voltage drop - cables should not exceed 10 metres for 12v systems (this is a very broad rule of thumb), less for 5v systems, more for 18, 24 and 48v systems.

You are advised to calculate the voltage and current drops if in any doubt.

Package Contents

  • 1x POE (Power over Ethernet) injector

Product Specifications


10/100 PoE Out 1
10/100 1

Power Input

Connector DC Jack

Power Output

PoE Pins 4/5(+),7/8(-)
PoE Type Passive