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Browse by Manufacturer / Netonix / Netonix WISP Switch / Netonix 8 Port Gigabit WISP Switch - WS-8-150-DC

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Netonix 8 Port Gigabit WISP Switch - WS-8-150-DC

Netonix 8 Port Gigabit WISP Switch - WS-8-150-DC

The Netonix WS-8-150-DC is a passive PoE switch with a rugged chassis and extended operating range that is designed for the WISP industry. Desktop and wall-mountable, the device comes with 6 Gigabit PoE ports as well as 2 SFP ports and a serial console port. Its smart DC power supply accepts 9V t 72V DC of variable input whilst providing uninterrupted PoE at 24V or 48V.

The Netonix WS-8-150-DC is ideal for those looking to provide power to Ubiquiti's airFiber devices or any Mimosa or SAF Technica radios. It can be programmed to shutdown lower priority PoE ports when batteries are low and restore them once it detects adequate reserves. If power gets too low it can be configured to shut down all POE ports and idle your remote site until it detects solar or wind charging has resumed and sufficient reserves are generated.

Product Features:
6x 10/100/1000 PoE
2x SFP
Auto shutdown low priority ports to save power

Technical Specs:

Dimensions 191 mm x 178 mm x 44 mm
Ports 6x 10/100/1000 PoE
2x SPF
1x Serial
Operating temperature -25 to 55C
Mounting Options Standard Desktop / Wall mount
Optional Din Rail kit
Configureable Voltage / Current 24V PoE Ports Pins 4,5 (+) Pins 7,8 (-) .75A - Ports 1 - 6
48V PoE Ports Pins 4,5 (+) Pins 7,8 (-) .75A - Ports 1 - 6
48VH PoE Ports Pins 1,2,4,5 (+) Pins 3,6,7,8 (-) 1.5A - Port 1

Netonix 8 Port Gigabit WISP Switch - WS-8-150-DC

Netonix 8 Port Gigabit WISP Switch - WS-8-150-DC
Part Number: NT-WS-8-150-DC|QuickCode: #104067
Price £ 199.91  (£ 239.89  inc-VAT)
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