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RF Armor 2/5GHz 16" Ubiquiti NanoBridge Kit

RF Armor 2/5GHz Ubiquiti NanoBridge Kit (16")

RF Armor 2/5GHz 16
RF Armor 2/5GHz 16
RF Armor
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RF Armor

Product Details

The RF Armor Ubiquiti NanoBridge shield and radome kit reduces unwanted RF interference, protecting the radio and antenna from the back, sides, top, and bottom. The shield reduces unwanted RF energy outside the intended beam from reaching the antenna and radio keeping the radio focused on the wanted signal.

The RF Armor shield allows the co-location of several radios close together with out self-interference and helps produce a much lower noise floor. It increases performance and throughput by providing a cleaner signal allowing higher sustainable air rates.

The kit will NOT increase the gain of the antenna.

The RF Armor kits are manufactured from marine grade aluminium for light weight as well as providing years of rust-free service.

Designed for:

Ubiquiti NanoBridge M2 2.4GHz, 18dBi (NB-2G18)

Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 5GHz, 25dBi (NB-5G25)

Ubiquiti PowerBeam M2 18dBi - 400mm Dish (PBE-M2-400)

Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 25dBi - 400mm Dish (PBE-M5-400)

Package Contents

  • 1x radome Shield
  • 1x Radome Face
  • 1x Screw Set

Product Specifications


Material Aluminium