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OfW 369: Guidance Notes for Self Co-ordinated Licence and Interim Link Registration Process in the 64-66 GHz, 73.375-75.875 GHz and 83.375-85.875 GHz bands


The 64-66 GHz, (’65 GHz’), 73.375-75.875 GHz and 83.375-85.875 GHz bands (the ‘Self Co-ordinated 70/80 GHz’) bands are available in the UK under a light licensed self coordinated process for point to point fixed wireless applications. Currently, the 65 and the Self Co-ordinated 70/80 GHzbands are administered under interim licensing and link registration processes.


The licences for the 65 and the Self Co-ordinated 70/80 GHz bands are nonexclusive national licences which authorise licensees to register point to point fixed wireless links in the UK, through a link registration process administered by Ofcom. A licence does not authorise operation until a link is registered. To operate a link in either the 65 or the Self Co-ordinated 70/80 GHz band, a licensee must first self coordinate and then register their link through the Ofcom link registration process and that link must have a valid entry on the 65 or 70/80 GHz section of Ofcom’s Wireless Telegraphy Register (the “Register”).

How do I apply for a licence?

You are required to complete Form OfW368 (available on the OfCom website ) if you wish to apply for licences in the 65 GHz or the Self Co-ordinated 70/80 GHz bands. This form must then be submitted by post to:
Spectrum Licensing
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Telephone: 020 7981 3131
Email: [email protected]

How much will it cost me?

The licence fee is £50 which includes the charge for registration of the first link for the first year of the licence. Any further links registered by the licensee will be charged at £50 per link per year. The initial fee can be enclosed with the application form, or if an application is submitted without payment the licensee will receive an invoice which will provide a customer reference and invoice number, both of which are required for online payments. Once the initial payment has been made the licence will be issued.

Please Note:

Links cannot be registered without a valid licence. Each fixed wireless link must be registered with Ofcom and licensees must submit a link registration form to Spectrum Licensing for each link. A fixed wireless link must have a valid entry on the Register to enable a licensee to operate that link.

For more information, read Ofcom's Ofw 369 Guidance Notes .