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Support Articles

70-80GHz Spectrum

The 70-80GHz spectrum requires a "Lite license" which is obtained through Ofcom ( more information can be found here).

The spectrum operating frequency range is 71.125 – 75.875GHz. The CEPT recommendation reference is ECC/REC (05)07.

The Ofcom coordinated Block range is: 71.125 – 73.125GHz. The Self Coordinated Block range is: 73.375 – 75.875GHz (Under the OFW368 and OFW383 licence).

The maximum EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) is 55dBW / 85dBm.

EIRP (dBm) = Output Power (dBm) + Antenna Gain (dBi).