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Support Index

Wireless Support  
  Introduction to Wireless Networking General Overview for the newcomer
  Choosing the right antenna What different antenna are used for and how to decide which one you need
  Getting a Wifi Link How to check if the plan is going to work and why you need to beware of the 'Fresnel Zone'
  Setting up wireless links MS Distribution's Beginner's Guide to setting up APs, Bridges and CPEs
(uses Ubiquiti products as examples, deals with IP addresses, antenna basics and how to make stuff work - step-by-step beginner's guide)
  RF Wireless Cables Different types of coaxial antenna cables, their sizes and losses
  Wireless Glossary Glossary of wireless networking words and phrases, with explanations
  Wireless FAQs The frequently asked questions - you may find a quick answer here...
OfCom Licensing  
  OfCom (OfW 85) License Application Point-to-Point Fixed Link Application Form (OfW 85)
  OfCom (OfW 85) Guidance Notes Form OfW 85 License Application Guidance Notes
  5.8GHz Fixed Wireless Access Licensing 5.8GHz Online License Application, Wireless License Application Forms and Guidance Notes
  OfCom (OfW 368) Application Form 65 GHz and 70 / 80 GHz - link licence registration Application Form.
  OfCom (OfW 369) Guidance Notes 65 GHz and 70 / 80 GHz - link licence registration Guidance Notes.
Ubiquiti Support  
  Ubiquiti UniFi FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for Ubiquiti's UniFi range
  Fixed Wireless PtP & PtMP using Ubiquiti airMAX Setting up your first fixed wireless network with Ubiquiti kit
  Ubiquiti airOS Network Mode Setup Guide Description of Ubiquiti airOS network modes
  Upgrade airVision NVR to UniFi Video A quick guide on how to upgrade existing NVRs to UniFi Video
  Ubiquiti Troubleshooting airMAX Howto: Step-by-step guide to troubleshooting airMAX devices
  Ubiquiti Troubleshooting TFTP Howto Howto: Cure-all for misbehaving Ubiquiti units
MikroTik Support  
  MikroTik Product Comparison Chart Helpful charts to compare MikroTik RB711 wireless products
ALIX Support  
  Full Duplex using ALIX and RouterOS Some useful tips on achieving full duplex links - 35-40 Mbps throughput
Leaky Feeder Support  
  Using Leaky Feeder Leaky Feeder Information and Guide
Wireless Link Tools  
  Fade Margin Calculator Downloadable Excel spreadsheet to do the sums for you
  Wireless Reference section Tables of dB to mW, mW to dB, permitted powers, channel numbers etc.

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