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Support - RF Wireless Cables

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Choosing a cable for your antenna is straightforward. We offer three types of high-quality cable (shown below in bold) plus Leaky Feeder.

We strongly recommend best practice as follows:
  • Use ONLY waterproof cable.
  • Do NOT use 'lossy' cable (RG58, RG174) unless you want to lose some signal,  perhaps  to meet maximum radiation of 20 dBm as EC regulations require.
  • ALWAYS use heat shrink and self-amalgamating tape over all connectors to seal cables from water ingress. 99% of antenna problems are because water has got into the antenna cables.
  • Keep antenna cables as SHORT as possible. 5 metres of type 195 loses 3 dB, i.e. 50% of the signal. Use Power Over Ethernet to get the radio very close to the antenna and use a short antenna cable if possible.
Cable type Connector
Waterproof  Loss per metre  Diameter  Fragile  Price
RG 174
not suitable for
wireless use
MCX, MMCX, Lucent yes     3 mm yes very cheap
2.4 GHz 2.5 dB
5.8 GHz unknown
RG 58
not suitable for
wireless use
(and reverse versions)
yes     5 mm yes cheap
2.4 GHz 1.5 dB
5.8 GHz unknown
Type 195 SMA, BNC, TNC
(and reverse versions)
yes     5 mm strong and flexible inexpensive
2.4 GHz 0.62 dB
5.8 GHz 0.98 dB
RG213 N yes     11 mm strong more  expensive
2.4 GHz 0.5 dB
5.8 GHz: unknown
Type 400 N, SMA, TNC yes     11 mm strong more expensive
2.4 GHz 0.22 dB
5.8 GHz 0.35 dB
Type 600 N yes     15 mm very strong more expensive
2.4 GHz 0.14 dB
5.8 GHz 2.38 dB
Type 600
Leaky Feeder
N yes designed to leak evenly 15 mm very strong replaces antenna


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