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Times Microwave Leaky Feeder T-RAD-600 FPRE - 100m

Times Microwave Leaky Feeder T-RAD-600 FPRE - 100m

Times Microwave Leaky Feeder T-RAD-600 FPRE - 100m
Times Microwave Leaky Feeder T-RAD-600 FPRE - 100m
Times Microwave
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Times Microwave

Product Details

Times Microwave Leaky Feeder is an alternative to antenna for certain situations where it is run into floors and ceiling voids to provide wide area coverage over a short range in situations where large numbers of Access Points and antenna would otherwise be required.

Based on Times LMR 600 cable - it accepts standard 600 type N plugs and jacks with a little adjustment - it has a different outer sheath which leaks signal evenly along its length. Unlike cheaper versions FPRE complies with fire regulations for installation inside buildings and doe not have to be lined up to radiate in a particular direction. It must not be installed in air-conditioning plenum chambers and has a UL/NEX & CSA rating of 'CMR/MPR' and 'FT4' respectively.

Much more information regarding deployment can be found in the document 'Using leaky feeder' available as a pdf by clicking the link below right. Normally the LF is driven by a 1 watt amplifier between the Access Point and the cable: the amplifier is powered over the coax cable. In some situations an amplifier may not be needed.

We usually supply Leaky Feeder to the length required, complete with the connecting plugs fitted, with a lead time of 2-3 days. Fitting the connectors is a bit 'fiddly' and the centre pin must be soldered. leaky Feeder is fed via a T-piece which can be placed anywhere in the cable run - end, middle, or any point in between as convenient.

As the exact configuration of the connector set and the requirement for N jack or N plug terminators can vary, we suggest that you do not order Leaky Feeder products via the website. Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll help you decide what you need.

If you haven't used Leaky feeder before, you may want to think about hiring our Evaluation Kit for a few days. It contains about 40 metres of cable, an amplifier, a Ubiquiti Access Point and all the cables used to hook the items together and perform tests. The Evaluation Kit is a good way to determine if Leaky Feeder is the right solution and will do the job in a particular situation: it is not a universal solution and the Evaluation Kit allows you to get a 'feel' for what it will do and whether it is suitable for a particular situation. Contact us to arrange to hire the kit.

Package Contents

  • 1x Times Microwave Leaky Feeder T-RAD-600 FPRE Cable

Product Specifications


Dielectric Material Gas-Injected Foam Polyethylene
Dielectric Size 11.56 mm
Application Coaxial
Jacket Size 13.46 mm
Jacket Material Fire redundant PVC
Attenuation @ 150MHz per 100m 4.39 dB
Coupling Loss @ 2400 MHz 67 dB
Attenuation @ 2500MHz per 100m 20.99 dB
Inner Conductor Type Solid
Inner Conductor Material Bare Copper Clad Aluminium
Inner Conductor Size 4.47 mm
Impedance 50 Ω
Cable Type 600
Velocity of Propagation 86 %
Max Frequency 2500 MHz
Voltage Withstanding 4000 V
Bend Radius Static 38 mm
Bending Radius Flexing 152.4 mm


Weight per Metre 137 g‾m
Colour Black
Length 10000 m


Operating Temperature 85 to -40 °c