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Tycon Power 48v Gigabit POE Inserter

Tycon Power 48v Gigabit POE Inserter

Tycon Power 48v Gigabit POE Inserter
Tycon Power 48v Gigabit POE Inserter
Tycon Systems
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Tycon Systems

Product Details

Tycon Power's 48V 16.8W Gigabit Active PoE Power Inserter is a surge protected, 802.3af compliant device that allows you to remotely power equipment through CAT5 cable up to a distance of 100m. The TP-POE-48GD includes short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection amongst its features and can operate at temperatures up to 60°C. The TP-POE-48GDs 802.3af function prevents powering of the POE port if a valid 802.3af client is not detected. It accepts data-in to a shielded RJ45 Jack and provides data-out and 802.3af PoE power on the shielded RJ45 output jack. Power is supplied to the remote device on Ethernet pins 4,5(V+) and 7,8(V-).

The POE inserters have built in Ethernet surge protection which eliminates the need for a standalone Ethernet surge protector.

The TP-POE-48GD is autoranging and accepts AC inputs from 90VAC to 264VAC (50/60 Hz) whilst supplying regulated 48VDC at the output.

Package Contents

  • 1x TP-POE-48GD

Product Specifications


Load Regulation 5 %
Line Regulation 1 %
Ripple 1 %
Noise 2 %
Protections Over-Current
  Short Circuit
Min Efficiency 85 %

Power Input

AC Max 264 V
Inrush Current 30 A @ V
AC Min 90 V

Power Output

PoE Pins 4/5(+),7/8(-)
Max Power 16.8 W
Voltage Max 48 V
Current 350 A
PoE Type 802.3af


Dimensions 85 x 36 x 76 mm
Weight 150 g


Operating Temperature -30 to 60 °c
Storage Temperature 80 to -40 °c
Operating Humidity Max 90 % RH
Operating Humidity Min 5 % RH
Operating Humidity Type Relative Humidity

Surge/Lightning Protection

Peak Pulse Current 5.4 A
Shunt Capacitance 2 pF
Clamping Protection 7.5


Certifications TUV EN60950, UL1950, FCC Class B NE55022 Class B and CSA 22.2
RoHS Yes