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Tycon Power PowerSens Remote Station Monitor and Control

Tycon Power PowerSens Remote Station Monitor and Control

Tycon Power PowerSens Remote Station Monitor and Control
Tycon Power PowerSens Remote Station Monitor and Control
Tycon Systems
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Tycon Systems

Product Details

The TyconPower PowerSens Web Based Remote Monitor and Control System is a versatile tool which enables remote monitoring of equipment and a site. The unit can be accessed via the network (web and SNMP) to remotely monitor up to 4 voltages, 4 currents, 2 temperatures and also control power to various equipment using 4 on-board relays.

On board data-logging and graphing capabilities allow the user to view history of the various parameters being measured. The graphical interface allows the remote control of relays via a single mouse click and monitoring of all the measurement parameters real-time via any web browser. The web interface allows access and control via desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The system allows control of 2 of the relays directly via the temperature sensors or voltage. Users can set temperature limits and automatically turn on the relays when the measured temperature exceeds the set temperature. This feature can be used to control fans, heaters or other equipment which needs to be powered on/off based on a particular interior or exterior temperature.

The other 2 relays can be controlled by a ping watchdog timer or a time control. The Ping Watchdog is useful to power cycle a device if the device stops responding to pings. The time control function is useful for controlling things such as lights that have a time dependent function. The unit has 4 programmable email alerts that can be sent if a parameter is outside a predetermined range.

The relays have a special one-click cycle feature with programmable cycle times which can be used to turn a device off and then back on after the predetermined time with a single button click. This is useful for rebooting a device like a POE Switch by power cycling it, thereby rebooting all devices attached to the switch. The relays are normally closed type so they don't use any power in their normal operating mode.

Two of the current ports provide bi-directional current (+/-), showing direction of current flow. This is useful for monitoring batteries so battery is charging and when discharging and charging can be monitored if the unit is used with a battery back up system.

Connections are via removable wire terminal connectors, which allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance as the unit can be removed from the system without disturbing the system wiring.

User defined labels for each parameter makes sure that when viewing the web interface or graphs users can quickly identify the parameter they are concerned about. A real time clock based on PC time or Internet time ensures that data logging is accurate.

Each parameter has programmable +/- offsets to be able to perform field calibration to compensate for things such as line loss or variations in measuring equipment. This provides unsurpassed flexibility as each device can be tailored by the end user to meet specific needs.

A free discovery tool is available via download to assist in finding the Tycon TPDIN-Monitor-WEB units on the network. It works across different subnets. This is helpful if a user forgets the IP address of the unit or has the unit configured for DHCP client and is unsure what IP address the unit is operating on.

The system has built-in surge protection.

Package Contents

  • 1x Termianl Adaptor
  • 1x Tycon Power PowerSens Remote Station Monitor And Control
  • 1x Wire

Product Features

  • Remotely Measure 4 Voltages, 4 Currents, 2 Temperatures
  • Remotely Control Equipment With 4 Relays
  • Automatically Control Relays Based on Temp, Ping, Time

Product Specifications


Weight 0.41 g
Mounting DIN Rail
Case Material Plastic
Max Wire Size 12 AWG
Dimensions 102 x 46 x 125 mm


Operating Temperature 75 to -40 °c
Operating Humidity Max 90 % RH


Voltage Measurement Min 1 V
Voltage Measurement Max 80 V
Current Measurement Min 0.1 A
Current Measurement Max 20 A