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Ubiquiti AirFiber 5 - 5GHz PtP Link

Ubiquiti AirFiber 5 - 5GHz PtP Link (2x2 MIMO Gigabit Throughput)

Ubiquiti AirFiber 5 - 5GHz PtP Link
Ubiquiti AirFiber 5 - 5GHz PtP Link
Ubiquiti Inc.
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Ubiquiti Inc.

Product Details

The new airFiber 5 is a truly revolutionary Point-to-Point wireless platform from Ubiquiti Networks. Housed in a compact, highly efficient form factor, airFiber delivers amazing wireless gigabit performance, low latency, and long range. The Ubiquiti airFiber ushers in a new era in price-disruptive wireless technology ideal for carrier backhaul, building-to-building enterprise use, or public safety applications.

The Ubiquiti airFiber features a dual-independent, 2x2 MIMO, high-gain reflector antenna system. Separate transmit (TX) and receive (RX) antennas help extend link budgets by eliminating the extra RF losses caused by the switches or duplexers required in systems with common TX/RX antennas. Each airFiber radio has two complete antenna systems and a mechanical back-plane that are constructed as a one-piece monocoque moulding - a radical departure from industry practice. Monocoque means that the exterior skin supports the structural load of airFiber hardware. Due to its single-piece, injection-moulded architecture, airFiber adds both low weight and low cost to its list of advantages.

Introduced on the airFiber 5, the Radio Alignment Display (RAD) makes aiming quicker and easier. The dual, calibrated signal strength indicators display the actual signal strength on the local and remote airFiber radios in real time. In addition to this Ubiquiti make installing the airFiber 5 even easier, the unique sliding-clamp design of airFiber 5 allows mounting hardware to be pre-assembled prior to installationnomore dropped screws at the top of the tower. As an added convenience, the drop-in cradle mount design allows the installer to attach mounting hardware to the pole without having to support the weight of the airFiber radio during installation.

Package Contents

  • 4x Azimuth Support Brackets
  • 2x Bolt Sets
  • 2x EU Mains Cables
  • 1x Lower Mount
  • 4x Pole Clamps
  • 2x I-Bracket
  • 2x PoE Injector
  • 4x Cable Ties
  • 2x Ubiquiti AirFiber 5
  • 2x UK Mains Cable
  • 2x Upper Mount Bracket with Elevation rod

Product Features

  • Passive PoE Input
  • 2x2 MIMO
  • Long-Range Links

Product Specifications


Duplex Full (Channel Width Restrictions Apply) and Half