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Ubiquiti Nanoswitch

Ubiquiti Nanoswitch

Ubiquiti Nanoswitch
Ubiquiti Nanoswitch
Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT)
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Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT)

Product Details

The Ubiquiti NanoSwitch is an outdoor unmanaged switch designed to simplify installs where multiple devices are being set up in one location (such as on a tower). With gigabit data passthrough, the NanoSwitch can power up to three 24V PoE devices, simplifying the powering process.

The NanoSwitch is powered via 24V Passive PoE over 2-pair and has three 10/100/1000 24V 2-pair Passive PoE out ports.

A power supply is not provided with the NanoSwitch. The table below shows the recommended powering options for this device. If using a switch to power the NanoSwitch, you will need to set the port to 24V Passive output. If you are unsure which powering method is best for you, please contact us.

Device Data Throughput per Port Max. Wattage Available to N-SW Max. Wattage Available After Powering N-SW
ES-16-150W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
ES-24-250W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
ES-24-500W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
ES-48-500W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
ES-48-750W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
ES-8-150W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-16-150W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-24-250W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-24-500W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-48-500W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-48-750W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-8-150W 10/100/1000 17W 15.5W
US-8-60W 10/100/1000 15.4W 13.9W
PSUPOE241000G 10/100/1000 24W 22.5W

Package Contents

  • 1x NanoSwitch
  • 1x Self-Tapping Screw
  • 2x Metal Straps
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Product Specifications


LEDs Throughput, Link and Speed


Total Non-Blocking Throughput 4 Gbps


10/100/1000 PoE In 1
10/100/1000 PoE Out 3

Power Input

Power Consumption Excluding PoE 1.5 W
PoE Max 24.6 V
PoE Min 21.6 V
PoE Port 1
PoE Type Passive

Power Output

Max PoE Current Per Port 1 A
Max PoE Power Per Port 24 W
PoE Budget 24 W
PoE Min 21.6 V
PoE Max 24.6 V
PoE Type Passive


Weight 271 g
Dimensions 32.4 x 93.5 x 196.4 mm
Mounting Pole


ESD/EMP Protection Contact: ±24 kV and Air: ±24 kV
Shock and Vibration ETSI300-019-1.4 Standard
Operating Temperature 70 to -30 °c


Certifications IC, CE and FCC


Ubiquiti Universal Arm Bracket

Ubiquiti Universal Arm Bracket

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