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LMR 195 Coax - 100m Reel

LMR 195 Coax - 100m Reel

LMR 195 Coax - 100m Reel
LMR 195 Coax - 100m Reel
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Product Details

LMR-195 is ideal for use as pigtails between wireless radios and antenna, as well as any application requiring an easily deployed, low loss cable.

LMR-195 is very flexible, bendable and UV-resistant. It can also be used with a wide range of the connectors we supply.

Package Contents

  • 1x LMR 195 Coax - 100m Reel

Product Specifications


Jacket Size 4.95 mm
Braid Material Tinned Copper
Braid Size 3.53 mm
Application Coaxial
Jacket Material Black Polyethylene
Attenuation @ 2500MHz per 100m 62.4 dB
Attenuation @ 150MHz per 100m 14.6 dB
Average Power @ 5800MHz 0.06 KW
Average Power @ 2500MHz 0.09 KW
Attenuation @ 5800MHz per 100m 98.1 dB
Dielectric Size 2.79 mm
Dielectric Material Foam Polyethylene
Inner Conductor Material Copper
Capacitance 83.3 pF ‾ m
Impedance 50 Ω
Cable Type 195
Voltage Withstanding 1000 V
Velocity of Propagation 80 %
Inner Conductor Size 0.94 mm
Bending Radius Flexing 50.8 mm
Inner Conductor Type Solid
Bend Radius Static 12.7 mm


Colour Black
Length 10000 m
Weight per Metre 30 g‾m


Operating Temperature 85 to -40 °c