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MikroTik Latest Updates

MikroTik Latest Updates

Warehouse Update

MikroTik has recently made an announcement regarding its warehouse address. A formal update has been made in the Latvian address register, resulting in a change to the warehouse address. Please take note of the new address:

Latgales iela 499, Rumbula,
Stopinu pagasts, Ropazu nov.,

MikroTik had reassured that despite the change in address, the physical location remains the same. The above update is purely administrative.

RouterOS Version Update Notice

MikroTik has unveiled a new line of outdoor devices boasting WiFi 6 support. It's important to note, however, that the effectiveness and speed of long-range wireless connections depend on several factors. For optimal performance, MikroTik recommends using high-gain antennas and ensuring proper alignment.

To fully unlock the potential of these new devices, MikroTik strongly advises users to upgrade to the latest version of RouterOS before deployment. This updated software includes a new "distance" setting specifically designed for long-range links, alongside other improvements in wireless drivers. By keeping their software current, users can leverage the full potential of MikroTik's products and experience uninterrupted connectivity.

Product Availability Updates

As part of MikroTik's ongoing efforts to enhance its product range, certain models are no longer available for ordering. To assist customers in finding suitable alternatives, MikroTik provides the following list:

Discontinued Products Suggested Replacements
MTAD-5G-30D3 MTAD-5G-30D3-PA

These updates reflect MikroTik's commitment to ensuring customers have access to the latest and most suitable products for their networking needs.

MTCSA Online Courses: 
Whether you're a newcomer or seeking to refresh your knowledge, MikroTik courses offer invaluable insights into MikroTik's products. Even if your company already holds MTCSA certification, MikroTik encourages participation, especially for new staff members eager to familiarise themselves with the product portfolio.

For more information on MikroTik courses or anything within this article, simply get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to assist with your query.


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