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About Us

Welcome to MS Dist – We Connect.

Discover seamless connectivity with MS Dist, your trusted source for cutting-edge wireless networking and security products. Established in 2002, we boast over two decades of networking expertise and also proudly introduced Ubiquiti solutions to the UK in 2008 as their first distributor in the country. Today we cater to diverse commercial and consumer needs, and have evolved to focus on providing a user-friendly online shopping experience that's tailored just for you.


Why Choose MS Dist for Your Networking Needs?

  1. Curated Selection of Must-Have Products: At MS Dist, we understand the pulse of the industry. Our curated product lineup reflects what customers truly need and frequently purchase. Say goodbye to overwhelming options – we bring you the products you actually want, eliminating confusion.

  2. Competitive Pricing, Every Time: Your budget matters, and we get that. MS Dist is committed to making your deployments cost-effective. Our efforts ensure competitive pricing, and with straightforward discount tiers we guarantee that the price is right for you.

  3. Swift and Reliable Deliveries: Time is of the essence, and we value yours. Enjoy the convenience of next-day delivery on all our products when you place your order before 3.30pm. 

  4. Expert Support, Anytime You Need: Our team at MS Dist are seasoned networking experts fuelled by passion. Need guidance on product selection? Unsure about your needs? Our experts are ready to assist you. Simply complete our contact form to tap into our wealth of knowledge and ensure a hassle-free buying experience.


Are you a professional ICT business looking for a distribution partner?

MS Dist is a direct to market company but professional ICT suppliers and service providers can purchase from our sister company, Simply follow this link to request an account or, alternatively, submit a contact request here to discuss your requirements.


Company details

MS (Distribution) UK Ltd. 

Company No. 4455490 (Registered in England and Wales) 

VAT Reg. GB 784 1447 11

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