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Simply Scalable Security

Simply Scalable Security

Concerned about potential security flaws in your surveillance cameras? Ubiquiti UniFi, offers simply, scalable security systems that include smart cameras, video recorders, doorbells, and door access devices. UniFi prioritises privacy, and makes it simple to deploy, secure and manage your surveillance estate.

In this series, we take you through everything you need to know about the Ubiquiti UniFi Security range.


What are the benefits of UniFi Security?

  • Easy to set up and manage: UniFi devices offer remote access and the UniFi Protect app allows viewing of live and recorded video, notifications, and interaction with cameras and doorbells.
  • No fees or subscriptions: UniFi does not charge any monthly fees or require any subscriptions to use its features.
  • Scalable and expandable: You can start with a single camera or door access device and add more as you need.
  • Powerful AI and analytics: UniFi cameras support automatic detections such as motion, person, vehicle, package, face, and smart detection zones.

What do I need to get started?

  • A UniFi Console running Protect
  • UniFi Gateway Consoles: A full-featured UniFi solution with integrated internet gateway and support for our entire UniFi application suite. Capable of managing up to 20 HD cameras or 7 4K cameras.
  • UniFi Network Video Recorders: A dedicated UniFi Protect Console for high-capacity camera deployments in an enterprise environment. Capable of managing 60 HD cameras or 20 4K cameras on a single device. Stack multiple Network Video Recorders for expanded capacity!
  • Cloud Key G2+: A great option for small-medium sized camera deployments when there is no need for a UniFi Network gateway or high-capacity Network Video Recorder. Capable of managing up to 20 HD cameras or 7 4K cameras.
  • A UniFi Protect Camera
Compatible External Storage*

Recommended Products

Ubiquiti G5 Dome

Ubiquiti G5 DomeThe Ubiquiti UVC-G5-Dome is a next-gen 2K HD PoE ceiling camera with enhanced dynamic range and low-light performance.





Ubiquiti UniFi G4 Doorbell

Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell

The G4 Doorbell Pro is a WiFi-enabled video doorbell equipped with enhanced package detection camera and integrated display



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