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UniFi Protect

UniFi Protect

Welcome to the third edition in our Ubiquiti Security Series where we delve deeper into UniFi Protect application, a video security platform that allows you to monitor and manage your UniFi cameras from anywhere. You can use the UniFi Protect web portal or mobile app to view live and recorded footage, configure recording settings, enable smart detections, and more. UniFi Protect is designed to be scalable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use.


UniFi Protect Features

  • Two-way camera audio. Leverage UniFi's two-way audio functionality to directly communicate with subjects through Protect Cameras' integrated speakers.
  • Live view and recordings. Monitor your UniFi cameras in real-time using UniFi Protect's Live View, or leverage the Playback functionality to watch past recordings.
  • Manage camera zones. Use UniFi Protect 'Zones' to specify camera view regions that trigger AI detections, or that should not be recorded due to sensitive material.
  • Location-based notifications. Easily configure location-based notifications and your desired geofence to control when you receive UniFi Protect notifications - while you're away, or while everyone is away.
  • UNVR Stacking. With stacked UniFi Network Video Recorders (UNVRs), you can dramatically increase the storage retention of a single UniFi Protect camera deployment. System-wide settings, user access, notifications and more can be configured and applied to both consoles automatically.


Recommended Products

Ubiquiti UniFi UNVR-PRO

Network Video Recorder Pro

Ubiquiti's Network Video Recorder Pro (UNVR-Pro) is a business-grade network video recorder that provides data redundancy and long-term storage capabilities.



Ubiquiti UniFi G4 Instant

Ubiquiti UniFi UVC G4 Instant

The Ubiquiti G4 Instant is a compact, wide-angle, WiFi-connected camera with two-way audio.




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