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Siklu Solutions: Video Security

1st February 2024

Welcome to our brand new Solutions series, providing you with all the information you need to know when considering Siklu for your networking needs.

In this edition, we share key information on how the deployment of Siklu's wireless solutions can help improve video security

Challenges of Video Security

Siklu addresses today's video security challenges by providing reliable mmWave wireless network solutions with unmatched data rates and secure transmissions. This ensures optimal performance for 4K HD video, supporting enhanced human monitoring and AI optimisation, while meeting escalating bandwidth demands in the shift to IP and multi-sensor cameras.

Public Safety

  • Fixed 5G ideal for public safety
  • Multi-Gigabit, minimal interference
  • Rugged, mission-critical designs
  • Swift deployment in emergencies
  • Supports a range of requirements, including emergency services, crowd surveillance and weather monitoring

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Robust security measures for asset protection
  • Long-term reliability ensuring sustained performance
  • High-demand application support for resource-intensive needs
  • Flexible and future-ready solutions for diverse network configurations

  • Education

  • Gigabit-speed mmWave networks excel in campus environments
  • Connecting HD security cameras
  • Supporting real-time interactive video classes (on-site and remote)
  • Seamless coverage of expansive areas
  • Accommodating high-speed WiFi nodes
  • Improving intra-campus connectivity

  • Our Siklu Top Picks for Video Security

    EtherHaul 8010FX

    The EH-8010FX radio provides point-to-point wireless Ethernet connectivity at a full duplex speed of up to 10Gbps, offering the longest mmWave reach thanks to the highest system gain available in the market. VIEW HERE

    MultiHaul TG Node N265

    TThe MultiHaul TG Node N265 harnesses mmWave spectrum advantages like multigigabit capacity and interference immunity. Tailored for scenarios requiring vertical tilt adjustment or a focused 90° coverage, the N265 ensures precision in deployment. VIEW HERE


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