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Teltonika RMS: The All-in-One Monitoring and Management Platform for RUT 4G LTE Routers

Craig Cowley
7th March 2019

What is Teltonika’s Remote Management System?

Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) has been designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive monitoring and management platform for all Teltonika RUT series 4G LTE Routers, including the RUT240, RUT850 and RUT955. The platform securely collects over 60 different metrics including Status, Network State, Connection Status, and Signal Strength and clearly displays them on an easy-to-use dashboard. With their innovative built-in and pre-configured VPN, RMS can remotely connect to all your RUT 4G Routers without the need for public IP addresses.

Teltonika RMS Key Features
Teltonika RMS Key Features

What can Teltonika RMS do?

Here’s a rundown of the core features of RMS:

Centralised Platform

Teltonika RMS Centralised Platform

With Teltonika RMS you can access, manage and monitor all your 4G LTE Routers from a single, easy-to-use browser-based interface. This means you can take control of your routers wherever you are in the world, no need for any installations or plug-ins. Teltonika RMS is compatible with all browsers and is fully mobile-optimised, and the free Android App is perfect for RMS access on-the-go.

Management and Firmware Updates

Teltonika RMS Management and Firmware Updates

Generate a single configuration template and deploy it across your entire fleet or configure each router separately, Teltonika RMS provides the power and the flexibility to manage your devices precisely as you want to. Using the Web UI, you can configure your routers through an easy to use interface while the CLI provides access to all the advanced features in the RUT series routers.

Keeping firmware up to date is just as easy. The RMS dashboard provides an easy-to-read chart of all your routers and the firmware version they’re running. To update, all you need to do is backup your devices, select the ones you want to update and choose which firmware version you want to load. A simple status indicator will show when your devices have finished updating are ready for use.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

Teltonika RMS Maintenance and Diagnostics

Network engineers can reduce downtime and costs by ensuring their networks are healthy and units are performing at their best. Teltonika Remote Management System helps make this simpler than ever. With RMS you can see your devices’ GPS locations and quickly view key performance indicators such as signal strength, device temperature and device uptime. You can even perform In-depth performance analysis with full event logs for each device or by downloading troubleshooting files. You can also remotely reboot devices and avoid sending an engineer to the site!

Statistics and Analytics

Teltonika RMS Statistics and Analytics

All the data related to device availability, performance and exceptions are available in RMS for in-depth analysis. The reports tab in RMS allows users to create and save custom reports. Built-in scheduling functionality enables these to be generated periodically; you can even set up an SMTP server and have the scheduled reports delivered directly to your email inbox.

Accessibility and Security

Teltonika RMS Accessibility and Security

Monitoring and managing devices outside your network can often be challenging, requiring network engineers to purchase public IP addresses or dynamic DNS system. Teltonika RUT series routers and RMS are here to help! The Teltonika 4G Routers all feature a hardcoded OpenVPN connection, which requires no configuration and protects the communication channel from tampering. This ensures a secure, zero set-up connection between your Teltonika Routers and the Remote Management System.

How Do I Get Started with Teltonika’s RMS?

The first thing you will need to start using RMS is a Teltonika RUT Series Router. These compact 4G LTE routers are ideal for connecting locations where traditional wired or fixed wireless networks are unavailable or challenging and uneconomical to install. RUT Series routers can be of great benefit to underserved rural communities with the speeds of up to 150Mbps and dual-sim cards providing redundancy, reliability and ensuring customers always benefit from the best signal available. Urban and industrial environments can also take advantage of Teltonika 4G LTE routers. Examples include connecting street furniture such as Electric Vehicle Charging Points or providing automatic failover for mission-critical connectivity.

Once you have your RUT series router, you’ll need to purchase an RMS license; we’ll then set you up with your own RMS account. All you need to after that is add your device to RMS by inputting the serial and IMEI number, and you will have full access to everything Teltonika’s Remote Management System has to offer. Teltonika has published a comprehensive manual on how to use all the features available in RMS, and our Technical Support Team is always available if you need any help.

Teltonika - How to add a new device to RMS

If you have any questions about Teltonika, their RUT Series 4G LTE routers, or RMS, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help.