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RF Armor 2/5GHz 24" Ubiquiti RocketDish Kit for AirFiber X

RF Armor 2/5GHz Ubiquiti RocketDish Kit for AirFiber X (24")

RF Armor 2/5GHz 24
RF Armor 2/5GHz 24
RF Armor
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RF Armor

Product Details

Includes both the Radome/Tube and Rocket Shield.

Built from marine grade aluminium, RF Armor's UDK25X Dish Kit is designed to reduce/attenuate unwanted RF energy, either in-band, out-of-band, or out-of-channel from being seen by your radio greatly improving performance.

The UDK25X's Rocket box replaces Ubiquiti's existing plastic mount and fully encases the radio within an aluminium box that has no openings larger than the quarter wave of the radio.

The Radome Tube extends from just outside the edge of the parabolic curve to out past the end of the stem to prevent unwanted RF energy coming from the top, bottom, and sides from reaching the stem greatly reducing unwanted noise to your radio keeping the radio focused only on the desired RF signal.

The Rocket Shield (aluminium box) provides additional elemental protection for the Rocket and its jumpers.

The Radome also reduces wind loading and ice build up on the antenna, and is designed to withstand 100+ Mph winds.

This Kit will not increase the gain of the antenna but users can expect to only lose 0 to 1 dB compared to 2-3 dB for most other typical Radomes.

Compatible with:

RD-2G-24 (2 GHz, 24 dBi) Ubiquiti antenna

RD-5G-30 (5 GHz, 30 dBi) Ubiquiti antenna

All 802.11n Ubiquiti airMax Rockets as well as newer 802.11ac versions

Ubiquiti's airFiber AF-5X

Package Contents

  • 1x Radio Cover
  • 1x Radome Face
  • 3x Radome Shield Segment
  • 3x Radome Ring Segment
  • 1x Radio Mount
  • 1x Screw Set

Product Specifications


Material Aluminium
Mounting Pole


RF Armor Optional GPS Antenna Holder Dish

RF Armor Optional GPS Antenna Holder Dish

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