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RADWIN What’s Unique Series: Beamforming

India Morgan
4th June 2020

RADWIN What’s Unique Series: Beamforming

Deliver more capacity with less wireless infrastructure

Welcome to our new RADWIN "What's Unique" series which will explore the many unique benefits of opting for RADWIN when looking at your network deployment options. This first episode will explore RADWIN'S disruptive Beamforming solution and how it can increase your system capacity.

More About Beamforming Technology

You might be wondering what is unique about Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) with beamforming antennas? Bi-directional beamforming is part of RADWIN’s Bi-Beam feature-rich technology. Instead of communicating with subscribers within a given area using a wide beam antenna, a RADWIN antenna transmits via a narrow and steerable beam. The narrow antenna beam is electronically steered towards subscriber units without affecting latency.

Below we share more information about the value of Bi-beam for uplink and downlink transmission:

Uplink Transmission - A bi-directional beamforming antenna is used for both uplink and downlink transmission opposed to uplink only. To ensure high antenna gain RADWIN’s narrow beam low side-lobes antenna guarantees spatial interference immunity, like Point-to-Point, whilst providing a higher uplink capacity for longer ranges

Downlink Transmission - RADWIN’s narrow beam antenna removes shared interference between adjacent sectors and neighbouring cells, which aids improved reception at the subscriber unit and therefore provides higher network spectrum efficiency. Plus, higher antenna gain enables greater downlink capacity for further distances.

Radwin JET-AIR 500Mbps Base Station

Radwin JET-AIR 500Mbps Base Station

The Best in Enterprise Performance Radwin’s JET-AIR Base Station is an enterprise grade Base Station for Point-to-MultiPoint deployments. Offering up to 500Mbps per…

Bi-Beam and the JET product series

RADWIN’s unique and impressive Beamforming technology powers RADWIN JET solutions and enables the highest industry capacity for longer range and radio interference immunity. It utilises an unmatched level of frequency re-use to gain the most capacity from the available spectrum.

A beamforming MIMO antenna at the Base Station, together with an intelligent air interface redefines the performance of Broadband Wireless Access. The RADWIN JET beamforming antenna is formed from an array of antenna elements which are combined to generate a narrow and steerable beam. The beamforming antenna is utilised both for uplink and downlink directions to deliver a unique advantage over other manufacturers. Other benefits include:

  • Reliable and stable connectivity
  • Longer range and higher capacity
  • Infrastructure savings due to less towers and base station units
  • Supports both business and residential services

If you are interested in trialling RADWIN equipment then get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0) 1295 220 330 or [email protected] MS Distribution and RADWIN are pleased to offer pre-sales solution support to our customers, to ensure you get the best possible RADWIN experience.