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Before You Get In Touch

We know that technology isn't perfect and that some items don't always work in the way that you're expecting. Before arranging an RMA, take a quick peek at our Support Page and see if you can find a resolution to your issue. We've included some articles that may cover some of the most common issues customers get in touch with us about.

Please take note of the following details relating to RMA returns for Faulty and Non-Faulty Goods

Non-Faulty Returns

Goods which can be classified as Non-Faulty returns must be returned in pristine condition (Including packaging, any seals broken, or evidence of equipment being used) including the supplied mains cables or PSU’s, accessories, manuals or guides. Failure to do so will result in your credit for the unit being *reduced*.

Goods Classifications are as follows:

  • Not Required – Please state why it is no longer required
  • Ordered in Error
  • Duplicate Order
  • Not as Expected – Please state the reason
  • Invoiced in Error
  • Not Fit for Purpose – Please state the reason
  • Evaluation Kit Return

Faulty Returns

Goods classified as Faulty Returns will need to have a detailed fault description together with any further details on what has been done to attempt recovery of the unit. The unit must include the supplied mains cables or PSU’s, accessories, manuals or guides. Failure to do so will result in your credit for the unit being *reduced*

Faulty units can be classified as:

  • Faulty - with detailed description of the fault(s)
  • Missing Part - with details as to which part is missing
  • Damaged in Transit - evidence of the damage will need to be assessed
  • Manufacturer Recall - only if we have requested this classification

No Fault Found

Where the manufacturer or MS (Distribution) UK Ltd has examined or tested the unit and it is declared that there was no fault (as per your fault description), we will notify you by email.

The following charge will be applied:

  • A testing fee of £10 + VAT
  • Carriage cost of returning the item to you

If an advance replacement has been issues to you, you will also be charged for:

  • Cost of the advance replacement good(s)
  • Carriage cost of sending the advance replacement

By Completing the Form, You Agree That:

  • The unit(s) can be classified as Non-Faulty or Faulty Goods
  • You have also made attempts to resolve the issue and have contacted support to resolve the issue
  • If a unit is deemed to be non-faulty or if the fault is rectified when we test the unit, you agree to the charge for testing the unit and the return carriage

Credit for Carriage

Credits for carriage are *NOT* based on the carriage from the original invoice cost. Your carriage credit will be based on the cost that MS (Distribution) UK LTD would charge for shipping out the returned products, the price scale is based on *weight*. If you have used a shipping service and wish to receive a full credit for the carriage back to us, please include a copy of your receipt or email a copy to [email protected].

Return Request Form

If you have adhered to the conditions listed above and need to make a return, please download and complete our RMA Form and email it to [email protected]. We will contact you to arrange your return.

Please do not send us your unit(s) without contacting us first. Unauthorised returns will not be processed and may be rejected at delivery.